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"Helen is a true animal lover. She has become friends with my dog from the very first minute. This allowed her to carry out the treatment in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere.Helen is very thorough and professional in what she does, she explains everything as she goes along in a clear understandable way. Additionally, the reports and feedback she sends me through after every visit are beyond my expectations - written in detail, always with further advice and recommendations. I am really happy I have found Helen, she helped my dog, his injury is virtually gone now and she also helped me in those difficult days when nothing seemed to have been helping and I was feeling disheartened. Thank you so much for your time, care and knowledge."
Anna – Staffordshire

"I just wanted to drop you a quick note following the recent treatments you have provided for ‘Tiger’ my lurcher. As you were aware he had been suffering for a few weeks following a fall whilst out running in the woods and antibiotics etc had had little or no effect. In this regard I cannot thank you enough as since your latest visit he is now fully back to his running, bouncing and annoying best! He is showing no signs of the previous pain in his leg and hip either during or post his walk. I must also mention how happy he was when he saw you with tail wagging etc which is very important to me and proved that the work you did was not only incredibly effective but also gentle and in a manner that put him at ease. Thanks again and you are now on speed dial as no doubt there will be a next time!!"
Steve Kitchen – Cheshire

"Olliver was involved in a car accident when he was a kitten many years ago which has unfortunately left him with a wonky, arthritic front leg. Recently, especially now the colder weather is here, this started to bother him, making him less willing to jump onto the sofa for fuss, to play or chase rabbits!! Since Helen has been treating him he has improved greatly and can now be seen running up and down trees again. Helen was very gentle, caring and patient with him and he is now loving his fusses and life again now his chronic condition is being managed properly."
S. Ashley – Derbyshire

"Helen has been treating my retired pony for several months now, and I really recommend her - not just for her physiotherapy but for her kind and gentle manner, dedication and the way she is with Millie. Helen is very calm and quiet, giving Millie ample time to process the treatments. Millie is now happier, more relaxed and not as stiff now she’s having regular visits and the ‘homework’ that Helen explained very clearly to us between sessions seems to be doing the trick."
C. Burnley – Cheshire

"A big thank you from me and also Dillon, our rather excitable big puppy. After having an operation on his cruciate ligament he felt very sorry for himself but I am happy to say he is now improving so much and enjoying his physio sessions. He is loving the varied exercises we can now teach him and he doesn’t even realise they’re rehabilitation exercises!"
Josie - Staffordshire

We were lucky enough to find Helen after our mare suffered an injury to her check ligament earlier this year. We were facing a long period of box rest with controlled exercise and lots of rehabilitation. My daughter, who is studying to be a physiotherapist herself, knew that the speed and the quality of the healing process could be greatly helped by the use of 'Therapeutic Ultrasound', so we set about trying to find a vet physio who had the right knowledge and equipment. This proved to be a challenge in itself as not many vet physiotherapists either have the equipment or have trained to use it. After many phone calls we found Helen, and we were so glad we did. Our mare had to be treated regularly over a period of a few months, but the results were certainly worth it! At the end of the process the Veterinary Surgeon, dealing with the injury, could not believe his eyes when he saw the diagnostic ultrasound images. He said the injury had healed so well you would never know it had been injured! Six months later, our mare is doing well with no further problems to her previously injured check ligament (fingers crossed). Helen is a lovely person and was always helpful, professional and efficient. She always produced professional reports to both ourselves and the Vet after her visits, this was extremely helpful to me as I was remote from my daughter, who was at Uni with her mare. Helen always returned emails and phone calls promptly and never let us down or changed an appointment. Most importantly though she was very good with our mare, who is very sensitive and can be difficult especially when she's hurting! Helen handled her beautifully.
Mrs A De'Ath - Hertfordshire

Billie my 9yr 6mth old German Shepherd and me have been lucky enough to find Helen. Billie has fibrosis of the gracilis muscle, in both hind limbs, resulting in contracture of these muscles and causing a very distinctive lameness. She is not in pain but this is causing her to wear down the nails on her back paws and to drop on her right shoulder. Whilst there is no cure for this I want to manage her condition especially, because German Shepherds suffer dreadfully with their back legs. Billie is very protective and not a person dog. She does not like to be touched or fussed by anyone outside her circle of 4! She is uber protective of our house, so in all honesty, I was not sure that having home physiotherapy would work.

I discussed this with Helen and we decided to give it a go and to take it at Billie’s pace. Billie also suffers with seizures so it is very important that she is not stressed. I was apprehensive to say the least but when I met Helen she was so calm and gentle, quiet and so very respectful of Billie. So, not many sessions later, Billie started giving Helen doggie kisses and now cannot give Helen enough kisses! She now drops to the floor and closes her eyes, relaxed, enjoying her massages and treatment. I still cannot believe how well Billie has taken to Helen and her treatment.

In regard to her treatment, Helen has put in place a treatment plan which includes home exercises for us to do. A detailed report and throughout the sessions Helen talks through and discusses everything, explaining clearly what she is doing, why and the benefits.

Billie will be having treatment now permanently to manage her condition by strengthening her muscles. I could not ask for a better person than Helen to look after her and I do not think Billie would want anyone else. I secretly think Helen is the dog whisperer!

Gail Willis, Derby. August 2019.

Helen is brilliant. She explains everything in good detail and is very thorough with her assessment and treatment.

She gets to know your pet first and has a very calming voice. My dog was very nervous at first but really enjoyed the second session of physio/hydro.

Helen is very patient and talks you through what and why she is doing different elements to the session. She also communicates with the vet to work alongside the diagnosis and vet treatment. She produces an initial report with observations and recommendations. We are thrilled to have found Helen to help us navigate our dog back to good health.

Vikki Austin-Dolan. July 2019.

I live in South West England and was searching for a physiotherapist who had experience of rabbits. In searching the internet, it was all dogs and horses. Helen's website was the only one I found that actually had dedicated information specifically about treatments for rabbits too. Unfortunately I live too far away for me and bunny to travel to see Helen. I had seen a local physiotherapist who wasn't very impressive. I contacted Helen regards the use of TENS and how my bunny was not very receptive as she is quite wild and doesn't like handling. Helen was fantastic! I got a detailed reply reassuring me that not all bunnies get on with TENS and Helen made some other suggestions that had not been mentioned to me before. She also kindly gave me some directions on bunny massage. I was extremely grateful and so impressed as I was not a visiting client and felt bad contacting her but Helen had made the time to reply to me and was genuinely interested and caring! My bunny is also very pleased.

Thank you Helen, you do a great job and you clearly care.

Louise D. SW England. August 2019